Mental Health

Midland Behavioral Health provides mental health services to get you on the right path to emotional wellness.  We provide therapy from an experienced and diverse staff. This lets us find a fit for you instead of putting you with the next available therapist or councilor.  It is our goal to be supportive and put you on a path to solving your problems to enable you to have a more enjoyable life.


What to expect?

Your first session will help establish a relationship with your provider. He/she wants you to be comfortable knowing that you can be completely honest in a safe environment, where everything you talk about is confidential. They will listen and evaluate your situation and develop a treatment plan. You will explore why you do or feel certain ways. Talk about situations you may be dealing with uncomfortably. Most importantly, you will learn ways to deal with what is bothering you.

Do I need therapy?

People come to therapy for many reasons. Stress, anxiety, depression, traumatic events such as loss of a loved one are common examples. Mental health is just as important as your physical health and don’t have to deal with how you are feeling alone. We would like for you to call and set up an appointment to find out ways you can work towards resolving these feelings. Most insurances are accepted and we are currently accepting new patients for both therapy, Christian based therapy and medication management. Our phone number is 304-955-6300.