Child Specific Therapy

We offer therapy for children who are experiencing behavioral issues or have suffered a traumatic experience. There is a difference in dealing with children and young adults. The “acting out” as described by parents may have deeper roots and is usually how the child is dealing with the problem. The goal of child therapy is to slowly build up trust with the provider so we can find a source of the problem and analyze the behavior. Once that is done, we can work with the child to show them positive ways to deal with these feelings and respond in a more positive way. The goal is to have a child that is able to deal with their emotions in an appropriate manor.

We use structured play that builds on the normal communicative and learning of children. Research has found that children will express issues when they don’t have the verbal ability to express them. This helps the therapist know the problems the child is acting out and can help them recognize positive coping mechanisms. You can read more about play therapy on the Association for Play Therapy website.

Meet Our Providers

Sharla Meade, LPC

Tim Maynard, FNP

Sherry Hoffman, LPC

Dr. David Humphreys, Psychiatrist

Carrie Deutsch, LICSW

Rick Corwin, LPC

Robin Longstreth, LPC

David Clay, LPC-ALPS